ECHOES FROM BEYOND THE POND-A Nation in Crisis #2 ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธโณ


How is it possible for so many Americans to be brainwashed?

Fear …

The more fear the easier to brainwash. They’re afraid they’ll lose their systemic, white-privilege, the advantage they’ve lived with their whole lives .. and when times get tough and they start to doubt their place in the world, they get super tribal super quick.

Presto, the cult leader arrives and tells them they’re great again, like their forefathers before them, all they have to do is conform to the leader’s beliefs and defend those beliefs no matter how insane they appear to others. No matter how many kids in cages they have to ignore.
They’ve suffered set backs, never ending wars, being attacked, super recessions and mind-numbing explanations of how giving money to the rich will trickle down to them. In the time from Reagan to Cheeto the oligarchs of America have solidified their power and become so greedy that insane rulings were handed down.

Corporations are people. Citizens United. Money is speech?

Where does it end? They get outbid by Russians. And RUSSIANS want to test how much of America they can smash. They own a President, a Senate Majority Leader .. others .. why were infrastructure projects never advanced?

Decaying bridges mean decaying interest in who they’re there to serve. Not themselves, with hands out for anyone who’ll buy them. The fascists, people who believe they’re above the law (“let’s kill a couple black guys every other week with shots in the back .. we’re above the law, hell, we are the law”). From there? A cult leader with a stick or two, to poke the middle into fear and paranoia, but it’s OK cause he’s what they need to save them. Presto, brainwashed, fascist zombies

-beau blue ยฉ

Bio: Beau Blue is the stage manager of the Cruzio Cafe, a virtual Cafe
located at

Animated Poets Website


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