Photo Credit Β© Raquel Soriano Gil


Odyssey to Reverie

Un sitio de esos – I sometimes yearn to languish endlessly in a place devoid from
strife pain sadness hate jealousy and materialism in this ever increasing chasm
called humanity where heightened emotions create toxic divisions leading to splitting
fissures of boiling emotions so I choose to linger a little longer in my mind’s elected
utopia to soothe my fears – A place where the rush of air elevates me to a spiritual
weightlessness, far away from this earthly deepening free-falling apocalyptic abyss.

Cueva de los Recuerdos – When the chaotic cacophony of mankind disturbs my
inner equilibrium my spiritual serenity even my necessary daily symmetry – I choose
to be suspended in my cave of memories, where the boisterous laughter of lost loved
ones strengthens my being – Their boisterous echoes bouncing off these precious
protective stone walls reminding me of their strength of character and spirit – Their
courage and morality so I choose to remain a little longer just to dance to the
rhythm of their loving lasting infectious exemplary eternal precious legacy…

Reflejos de ti – When skies turn grey and birds migrate away I just close my eyes
and allow your reflections to brighten darkening days – The memories of you like
colours splashed onto canvasses to uplift my deepening melancholy where echoes
of blue make me run again after you into splashing waves of laughter – The rush of
the sea causing us to laugh so loudly even seagulls caution our loving reverie as we
bathe in our love-light and clutch your aura just for one more precious glowing night.

La Trascendencia – This world this existence this insistence on material riches –
This self-elected superiority surely cannot remain a lasting reality as the expansion
of humanity increasingly causes recurring complexities challenging us all to remain
sane whilst we struggle to somehow attempt to be the same – I refuse to adhere
to the expected normal in this manic humdrum life! I yearn for a place of existence
to become transigent and rise above my own expectations. I want to go beyond the
ordinary to aspire to be more to achieve more! We all need a place to escape to – A
place where we feel liberated a place of sanctuary a place of joy of calmness…

Our elected pilgrimage of discovery. Just one of those healing joyful beautiful places.

Our odyssey to blissful lasting reverie…

Β© Don Beukes


Who is Don Beukes?

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