Introducing Sue-Ellen Bailey, South Africa’s new Fantasy Writer: ‘The Journey of the Forgotten Kahul’

Sue-Ellen Bailey

Sue-Ellen Bailey is South Africa’s new Fantasy Writer, with her stunning debut ‘The Journey of the Forgotten Kahul’

Book Covers
Published by Lauren Mooi Publishing

What is it all about?

Book Description:

The fate of the universe hangs in the balance when two Beings from different worlds, fall in love. A child was conceived and hidden from the Creators who banished their love to the Outer Realm. Daina’s mysterious life slowly unravels when she is forced to face the darkness that follows her. The truth about her life is written in ancient books guarded by the Protectors of Athela. The Plain of her birth right. Working together with Mother Nature and Father Time, Zack and Daina discover the Creators’ weakness. A child that will possess a power so great, not known to any Being. They must fulfill their destiny, and defeat the darkness or the entire universe will be destroyed. But will they be able to keep their discovery a secret long enough to complete their mission? Or will The Creators wake and destroy them all?

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Who is Sue-Ellen Bailey?


“I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, born on the Cape Flats. At a young age I always use to write and create Fantasy stories that I shared with my family. Creating short scripts that I use to call One Act Surprise and playing different characters was an escape from a young age of the reality that was surrounding myself and my family.
Growing up during Apartheid was a struggle but having such wonder inspirational parents that kept motivating me to create, kept reading and writing.
The Journey of the Forgotten Kahul, I wrote inspired by family, life, love, nature and so much more.
I’m excited to share my “Journey” and many more books to come.”


 I asked the Author what her Vision is for aspiring writers in South Africa and indeed the ‘Global Village’

Author’s Vision


As a Self-Publish Author it is wise to think about the goals you want to reach.

There might be many obstacles in your way as a Self-Published Author but for myself coming from the Cape-Flats I was filled with determination to make my Fantasy Book available locally and Internationally in bookstores and online.

The partway from a manuscript to Self-Publishing was already a step towards an achievement but the obstacles that I had to faced as a person of colour and as a female made me more determined to get my book into local bookstores namely Exclusive Books and Bargain Books SA.

I feel we all have the ability to tell stories and we have our own stories to share but the lack of opportunity I had to face nonetheless I had ambition and will power.

I created my own strategy transforming my vision into steps to reach my goal.

I believe in Dreaming Big! Don’t believe in the impossible because by creating your own unique story you as the Storyteller become a Writer and then the Author is born, now that’s possible however only by believing in yourself.

Within the story you write find the destination you strive towards and you will make it a success.

Dreams you can turn into reality with hard work and determination.

Facebook Live hosted by Stanley Jacobs #jouuncle Author of ‘Cape Flats Love Story’

Facebook Live Interview with Sue-Ellen Bailey and Don Beukes

Who is Stanley Jacobs?

Who is Don Beukes?


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