Ekphrastic Collection 2020: January

Photo Credit © Don Beukes Amateur Photographer "You know, Phaedrus, that is the strange thing about writing, which makes it truly correspond to painting" Socrates to Phaedrus, talking about ekphrasis Tears and Mascara (Lament of a Lonely working Mother) Every day each backbreaking frantic tiring morning sacrificial sighing mourning, I fulfill my matrimonial motherly calling … Continue reading Ekphrastic Collection 2020: January

Glomag November 2018 – Ekphrastic Poetry

Vision X Dream Sequence – It started as a mere supersonic click gradually accelerating into a strange unknown continuous grind that seemed to reach the furthest horizons of a species not even yet born into existence not even yet written about growing louder as strange flickering flashes of bright flares lit up the darkening skies … Continue reading Glomag November 2018 – Ekphrastic Poetry