Glomag April 2019

Collaboration with Marcel Herms


The Salamander Chronicles – 1 Year Anniversary

Celebrating my debut collection published by Creative Talents Unleashed.   Purchase a copy from the link below:   This poetry collection shouts triumph and courage, whilst rattling your senses and shaking up your bones. Be prepared to be astounded by delightful alliteration and verse lyrical in cadence. Some poems are a personal … Continue reading The Salamander Chronicles – 1 Year Anniversary

HEELAL (Galaxy translation)

Translation into AFRIKAANS of 'Galaxy' from a previous post. Nog 'n juweel van my #aapstrak versameling in samewerking met die kuns van Casper De Vries. Heelal My sterbelaaide Picasso pens het weerkaatsings van Monet, 'n Konkoksie van vele kleure laat jou my geheimlik beny, of wil jy daaroor stry? My oneindige bestaan strek diep … Continue reading HEELAL (Galaxy translation)