GLOMAG January 2022: Together*Tesame*Ensemble*Juntos

© The Artists Known as ZIONORA Together•Tesame•Ensemble•Juntos     A Father’s Prayer – Beloved children of mine, whilst I’m not there with you all the time Please know you occupy my every breath my every thought, my whole being - Tell yourself – I am strong. I am brave. I am kind. I matter. I … Continue reading GLOMAG January 2022: Together*Tesame*Ensemble*Juntos


Photo Credit © Raquel Soriano Gil 🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨 Odyssey to Reverie Un sitio de esos – I sometimes yearn to languish endlessly in a place devoid from strife pain sadness hate jealousy and materialism in this ever increasing chasm called humanity where heightened emotions create toxic divisions leading to splitting fissures of boiling emotions so I … Continue reading ODYSSEY TO REVERIE:GLOMAG NOV2020 with RAQUEL SORIANO GIL

Don Beukes translated into Dutch: Flashback

Flashback of my debut TRANSLATION into Dutch by well known author and Blogger Wouter Van Heiningen Original Dutch Blog post HERE Het mooie van social media (naast heel veel minder aangename kanten) is dat je met de hele wereld in verbinding staat of kan staan. Zo kreeg ik via Facebook (the groep Poetry Club) contact … Continue reading Don Beukes translated into Dutch: Flashback


Excerpt from my second book 'Icarus Rising-Volume 1' - An Ekphrastic Poetry Collaboration Photo Credit © Casper De Vries In One's Hand In one's hand deeds could be controversial, My existence is ambivalently universal all intentions are inherently pure yet beyond yesterday have regrettably caused apocalyptic dismay, Millennia have passed yet a biblical blast from … Continue reading AAPSTRAK COLLECTION:With CASPER DE VRIES

The Salamander Chronicles – 1 Year Anniversary

Celebrating my debut collection published by Creative Talents Unleashed.   Purchase a copy from the link below:   This poetry collection shouts triumph and courage, whilst rattling your senses and shaking up your bones. Be prepared to be astounded by delightful alliteration and verse lyrical in cadence. Some poems are a personal … Continue reading The Salamander Chronicles – 1 Year Anniversary

HEELAL (Galaxy translation)

Translation into AFRIKAANS of 'Galaxy' from a previous post. Nog 'n juweel van my #aapstrak versameling in samewerking met die kuns van Casper De Vries. Heelal My sterbelaaide Picasso pen het weerkaatsings van Monet, 'n Konkoksie van vele kleure laat jou my geheimlik beny of wil jy daaroor stry? My oneindige bestaan strek diep … Continue reading HEELAL (Galaxy translation)