Glomag November 2018 – Ekphrastic Poetry

Vision X Dream Sequence – It started as a mere supersonic click gradually accelerating into a strange unknown continuous grind that seemed to reach the furthest horizons of a species not even yet born into existence not even yet written about growing louder as strange flickering flashes of bright flares lit up the darkening skies … Continue reading Glomag November 2018 – Ekphrastic Poetry


Icarus Rising #excerpt Book 2

Photo Credit © Luke Borrill   Icarus Rising   Curse of Hubris – However tragic my legendary failure at the hands of Hubris or my extreme foolish pride even my dangerous dented overconfidence, I refuse to apologise for challenging the gods who by royal decree imprisoned me appointing King Minos my afterlife final angry referee … Continue reading Icarus Rising #excerpt Book 2

Icarus Rising #MeetTheArtists

Introducing internationally acclaimed South African artist Jonel Scholtz who collaborated with me for my second book 'Icarus Rising- Volume 1' Jonel Scholtz obtained a Baccalaureus Scientiae degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry from the University of Johannesburg in South Africa, in 1994. She started painting in 1988, while in high school, with Louise Goudemond, an American … Continue reading Icarus Rising #MeetTheArtists

Debut Ekphrastic collaboration with South African Illustrator DAVID GRIESSEL

Deirfgeis – Veteran of a Thousand Gusts (Originally published in Duanne's PoeTree Photo Credit © David Griessel   Legend of Siegfried – His name has been whispered by legions of Bloekomboom trees from eons ago, their decaying poisoned roots now withered, still hold untold secrets of marauding existential battles fought by desperate tserof creatures to prevent … Continue reading Debut Ekphrastic collaboration with South African Illustrator DAVID GRIESSEL

URBAN DIVA:Excerpt from ‘Icarus Rising-Volume 1’

Exclusive excerpt from my Ekphrastic Collection published by Alien Buddha Press in collaboration with the phenomenal Vanity Pop Artist, Vakseen based in Los Angeles USA. Photo Credit © Vakseen Urban Diva Love's Odyssey - Are you looking at me or both of us? Be honest with yourself, you are so sick and tired of trying … Continue reading URBAN DIVA:Excerpt from ‘Icarus Rising-Volume 1’

GloMag March 2018 Collaboration with Janine Pickett…

Ekphrastic Collaboration with Janine Pickett, editor of Indiana Voice Journal and Spirit Fire Review. CLICK HERE TO GO TO GLOMAG Sic Transit Gloria Mundi ( Thus passes the glory of the world) A reminder that all things are fleeting in this world… Sea of Souls – We are delivered into this natural world to an … Continue reading GloMag March 2018 Collaboration with Janine Pickett…

Excerpt from ‘Icarus Rising – Volume 1’

The first exclusive excerpt from my Ekphrastic collection published by Alien Buddha Press. Available at Amazon The artwork for this poem is actually a self-portrait of the artist responsible for the stunning Cover art for my new book, by Luke Borrill and previously published by Glomag from Chennai, India (Editor - Glory Sasikala) Photo Credit … Continue reading Excerpt from ‘Icarus Rising – Volume 1’