GLOMAG January 2022: Together*Tesame*Ensemble*Juntos

© The Artists Known as ZIONORA Together•Tesame•Ensemble•Juntos     A Father’s Prayer – Beloved children of mine, whilst I’m not there with you all the time Please know you occupy my every breath my every thought, my whole being - Tell yourself – I am strong. I am brave. I am kind. I matter. I … Continue reading GLOMAG January 2022: Together*Tesame*Ensemble*Juntos

GlomagNovember2021RoscoeMasters and Tribute to CRAIG MASTERS

Photo Credit © Roscoe Masters Photo Credit © Cheryl Masters The Carpenter   (In Memory of Craig Masters) Hope Street – A chance meeting maybe a foretold greeting written in the stars touching two creative hearts unexpectedly forging a lasting bond in a world constantly changing evolving reversing catapulting into unknown futures – A street … Continue reading GlomagNovember2021RoscoeMasters and Tribute to CRAIG MASTERS