The Salamander Chronicles – 1 Year Anniversary

Celebrating my debut collection published by Creative Talents Unleashed.   Purchase a copy from the link below:   This poetry collection shouts triumph and courage, whilst rattling your senses and shaking up your bones. Be prepared to be astounded by delightful alliteration and verse lyrical in cadence. Some poems are a personal … Continue reading The Salamander Chronicles – 1 Year Anniversary


Dissident Voice December 2015 Publication

Dissident Voice CollectionAs the year speeds up, I finally have a chance to come back to this poem to give you a mini dictionary for all the musical terms used in this, my SILENT SYMPHONY Our echoes are pre-historic our human experience meloncholic, Millenia moulded our past folded memories now niente, Our oral history still … Continue reading Dissident Voice December 2015 Publication