Photo Credit © Pixabay Existential Consequential (Read the original publication in Indiana Voice Journal HERE) Part One Baptised child of colour by a system saturated with colonial masked fodder, my existence manipulated although lovingly orchestrated to avoid a mother heinously hated my future mapped out by adult decree – to avoid an emotionally cancerous feuding … Continue reading EXISTENTIAL CONSEQUENTIAL


Unsaid Things Excerpt — Don Beukes Exclusive Animated Debut

http://www.animatedpoets.com/unsaidthings031918.html Watch my debut featured animated reading of 'Unsaid Things' from my debut collection 'The Salamander Chronicles' published by Creative Talents Unleashed at the SALOON LOUNGE in the virtual Cruzio Cafe VISIT THE SALOON LOUNGE HERE TO CLICK ON MY VIDEO Unsaid Things I never got the chance to tell you my future plans as … Continue reading Unsaid Things Excerpt — Don Beukes Exclusive Animated Debut

Vatsala Radhakeesoon Translated into AFRIKAANS

Biography: Vatsala Radhakeesoon Vatsala Radhakeesoon was born in the exotic island, Mauritius on 17 October 1977. She started writing poems at the age of 14. In 1995, when she was 18, her poem Loneliness was published in the most prestigious and widely read local newspaper L’Express. She is the author of the poetry books When … Continue reading Vatsala Radhakeesoon Translated into AFRIKAANS

Worldwide Reading in Support of Ashraf Fayadh on 14 January 2016

I am buzzing to announce my participation in this worthy cause tomorrow in the name of poetry, freedom and democracy and my global reading debut! Link to this event will be shared soon! http://pensouthafrica.co.za/worldwide-reading-in-support-of-ashraf-fayadh-on-14-january-2016/   I am ready to continue the momentum this year and look forward to more collaborative publications! Let this year be … Continue reading Worldwide Reading in Support of Ashraf Fayadh on 14 January 2016

My first publication in Poetry Community

http://www.thepoetcommunity.com/3948/african-diva-a-poem-by-don-beukes#comment-559 My journey has just begun! This poem was the first to be published online. There is more to come from the archives of SalamanDer! Watch this space! African Diva I am the legend of millennia, My story still epically riddled with fear, At the dawn of time my worth rather sublime, My gift to … Continue reading My first publication in Poetry Community