Fractured Desires and Smoldered Seams

Image provided by Johnny Francis Wolf Mocking echoes still poke and pierce my fragile brittle veneer once again draining my fading inner halo as I foolishly drown in my regrets for letting you go   like fingers into ribs, your jabs as if could reach my heart armor-less since day we met permitting fist and … Continue reading Fractured Desires and Smoldered Seams

Oracle of Arabí:Extract from ‘THE GIRL IN THE STONE’

Publisher - STEVE CAWTE of IMSPIRED PUBLISHING UK Foreword: Alberto Quero © Don Beukes Oracle of Arabí Amongst the lower pine forests in the shadow ofMonte Arabi where majestic eagles roam and rule theazure endless skies and the red earth is as old as timeitself,dwells the wise oracle of this mountain kingdom knownasMenrac – She … Continue reading Oracle of Arabí:Extract from ‘THE GIRL IN THE STONE’

The Girl in the Stone: Excerpt – THE ALJIBE

Book Cover Art © Jonel Scholtz The Aljibe (For Raquel) Part One As the distinctive sleeping lion head peak of Monte Arabibecame visible in the distance, Rachel briefly glanced upat the famous UNESCO bronze age landmark in thisregion of Spain. The fact that human beings lived aroundhere three thousand years ago did not impress her … Continue reading The Girl in the Stone: Excerpt – THE ALJIBE

Glomag August 2022 Printed Version Anthology

© Glomag © Glory Sasikala Symphony of Humanity     A rising chorus of indiscriminate explosive targeting from old enemies intent to erase delete usurp threaten annihilate hurt hate deceive bully eradicate, all in the name of forced submission. The ultimate genocide mission for the global village to witness on screens the cream screams of … Continue reading Glomag August 2022 Printed Version Anthology

April : Writer/Poet of the Month – Don Beukes

Inaugural Featured Writer published by Vatsala Rahdakeesoon.

Vatsala Radhakeesoon Poetry, Prose, Translated Works

Don Beukes is a South African, British and EU Poet and writer. He is a Poetry Chapbook Reviewer at The Poetry Café. He has written Ekphrastic Poetry since 2015 collaborating with artists internationally. He is the author of ‘The Salamander Chronicles’, ‘Icarus Rising-Volume 1’ (ABP), an ekphrastic collection and ‘Sic Transit Gloria Mundi’ (Concrete Mist Press). He taught English and Geography in both South Africa and the UK. His poetry has been anthologized in numerous collections and translated into Afrikaans, Persian, French, Kreol (Mauritius) and Albanian. He was nominated by Roxana Nastase, editor of Scarlet Leaf Review for the ‘Best of the Net’ in 2017 as well as the Pushcart Poetry Prize (USA) in 2016. He was published in his first SA Anthology ‘In Pursuit of Poetic Perfection’ in 2018 (eBook) (Libbo Publishers) and his second, ‘Cape Sounds’ in 2019 (Gavin Joachims Publishing Cape Town). He is also an amateur…

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Voices of Freedom

Immersive and inspirational!

The Calling

First Poetry Music Audio Recording “Voices of Freedom”
-(Trying to add slide show)-
Voices of Freedom -21

Dancing without a name
She was naked in her silence
Stone, statues, salutations
Desires from a Hellenistic waterfront
Ancient scriptures reveal hidden sources
Among firey chariots and beat up taxis
Neon lights flicker to the rhythm of abandoned youth
In a Holy, Glory brought on by the Atomic age

Birds swell like waves in the evening sky
Lighting fires of brilliance, in the skulls of men
Heroes fall like mad children
Women dine upon wine and gold
Winter months take Persephone’s hand
And fear takes refuge upon the land
Freedom of expression is lost in Cancel Culture News
We must break the shackles of Adversity
Tyranny, Irony, Authoritative Views
With a New Generation if we are to continue

*(matthew bowers)* ~93

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LET LOVE LIVE:Glomag Feb2022

© Glory Sasikala Let Love Live The fragility of humanity surely should result in an encompassing loving fraternity where all are welcomed tolerated and supported no matter your religion caste beliefs or even your sexual orientation in this ever expanding global nation. Let love live daily in your heart mind and soul even when dark … Continue reading LET LOVE LIVE:Glomag Feb2022

Thin Ice

A must Read!

The Calling

Electrical nuance

Skating on a rift
A fine line between
hallucination, pain
and party
Lost in an array of
consuming moments
physical needs
blind desires

The rush and pull
a whipping boy a slave
to yourself and substance
A hostage to Pervetin
Crystal shards blind
Devour essence
And soul screams out
In agony cast aside
And thrown
Into a pit of
Black vipers

middle names
Your true identity has
faded, some time ago

Electrical nuance enters
your blood stream
In these few moments This
is where you define “Life”…

down slippery slopes
Only coming
Up for air
To the promise
Of Mr D

down slippery slopes

Silver refection catches
the taste of fire
Metallic taste buds
Desert tongue
Strange things
Strange thoughts
Secret sexual escapades
that will be taken
to your grave

Hollow burden
weighing you down

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Translation Services by Vatsala Radhakeesoon for 2022

Vatsala Rahdakeesoon is providing a Translation service! Check it out!🙏

Vatsala Radhakeesoon Poetry, Prose, Translated Works

Dear Authors/Poets,

I’m back to my translation services for 2022.

If you wish to have your poetry chapbooks, poetry books, children books (prose and poetry) translated from
English to French
French to English
Mauritian Kreol to English
English to Mauritian Kreol
please feel free to send them to :

Translation Fee: $0.06 (Rs 2.58 Mauritian currency) per word

Translation of Individual poems may also be considered . Please send a minimum of 5 poems if you wish to have a small number of your poems translated.

Payment Method: PayPal

Looking forward to working with you.

Thank you in advance,

Kind regards,

Vatsala Radhakeesoon

Vatsala Radhakeesoon

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Queen Amanirenas

Beyond the Single Story

“At the death of her husband, Emperor Teriqetas – who died in battle”(Face to Face Africa), taking the throne in the the Kingdom of Kush, Queen Amanirenas would go on to become one of the most well-known female rulers of the ancient world. She was the most famous “Kandake” out of the four female queens who ruled in Kush. Amanirenas is known as the queen with one eye, since her fierce military determination led her to lose it in battle (History of Royal Women). In addition to her known war tactics, she goes on to negotiate a treaty with the most powerful male ruler at the time, Augustus Caesar (Lisapo ya Kama).

Queen Amanirenas (Illustrator Unknown; Image Courtesy of facetofaceafrica).

Her Rule

During her rule, the Roman empire was expanding and conquering various territories such as Britain and Cleopatra’s Egypt. The Romans quickly…

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