CTU Books reach South Africa!

Here is the link to the CTU books and Anthologies Just click HERE This is a dedication to my publisher and CEO of Creative Talents Unleashed (USA) , Raja Williams, who made it possible for ALL her authors' books and Anthologies to now be available in my country of birth, SOUTH AFRICA, by what is … Continue reading CTU Books reach South Africa!


FREE eBook – “The Paid Publishing Guidebook” (download free until April 8)

From Trish Hopkinson…

Trish Hopkinson

Thanks to Authors Publish for sharing this free eBook! Just click the link below and enter your email address to download the PDF. (I’ve not noticed any additional junkmail since I first signed up.)

Most of their eBooks are only free for a limited time, so download them sooner than later when you get the email announcements of a new free eBook. You can also follow them on Facebook for other writerly tips and news.

The Paid Publishing Guidebook edited by Jacob Jans of Freedom with Writing is FREE to download for just a couple of more days. (Note, this book is not to be distributed without permission, so please send friends the link, not the PDF.)

The book begins with an introduction on how the links in the book are kept updated, an essay on how to write a pitch that gets you published, and frequently asked questions…

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Andrés Fernández Dos Santos presentó “Tormenta solar” en Oviedo


El acto presentado por Alejandra Rico, de Ediciones Camelot, tuvo lugar en Ópera Café. ¡Gracias por acompañarnos! Estad atentos al blog, ya que pronto desvelaremos la fecha de la próxima presentación, que será en Fnac Intu Asturias. #TormentaSolarenCamelot

—No es el final —dijo Marta al oído de su novio mientras veía cada vez más cerca a sus enemigos por encima de su hombro.
Momentos antes, el planeta se prepara para admirar los efectos de la mayor tormenta solar de la que se tiene constancia, anunciados fallos eléctricos y apagones acompañarán a las anheladas auroras boreales que serán visibles a lo largo de los dos hemisferios. Pero algo inesperado ocurre durante sus efectos, un hecho que cambiará el mundo tal y como lo conocemos.
Las puertas que separan el mundo de los vivos y los muertos se abrirán dando paso a reencuentros con seres queridos, pero también permitirán el paso de…

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Grid poëzie


Links-rechts, boven-onder


De poëzie biedt een ongekend aantal variaties op een thema; taaluitingen met de nadruk op vorm, klank en beeldspraak maar ook een ongrijpbare esthetische ervaring. Binnen de mogelijkheden die er zijn om poëzie te creëren heb ik al vaker over de vorm geschreven waarin poëzie tot ons komt. De vele versvormen die er zijn maar ook de ‘fysieke’ vorm van poëzie zoals beeldgedichten, collagegedichten, stiftgedichten en dergelijke.

Op het web kwam ik een vorm tegen die ik nog niet kende, tenminste de term voor dit soort gedichten kende ik nog niet. Het betreft hier Grid gedichten of Grid poëzie.  In Grid poëzie draait het om de leesrichting. Een Grid gedicht bestaat uit negen stukjes tekst in een overzicht van drie bij drie. Het gedicht kan van links naar rechts worden gelezen (zoals je normaal zou lezen) maar ook van boven naar beneden (en dan in de rechter…

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Excerpt:In Pursuit of Poetic Perfection’

Co-written by Don Beukes, Bevan Boggenpoel, Leroy Abrahams and Selwyn Milborrow For SA use these contacts to order: (Selwyn Miborrow) eBook https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07KPL3N8F/ref=dbs_a_w_dp_b07kpl3n8f Kinderjare Rooi gepantser in klokbroek en al – Die sewentigs is gevul met nuwe klanke – Sondag rituele sluit in kerk en koeksisters en buite waai die wind sand aan, Radio blêr ‘Ek … Continue reading Excerpt:In Pursuit of Poetic Perfection’

Caught in a Scorned Frame of Mind by William Wright Jr.

Creative Talents Unleashed

I’ll drift like desert sands
Torn up by a wind
In the howling of terror

When I’m far past enraged
I shall leap for the fray
And take to the dust
In their joyous escape

For nowhere
For no one
In that scorned frame of mind

© William Wright, Jr.

Rhythms of The Eternal Uprising

Excerpt from the book Rhythms of the Eternal Uprising

$13.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and Amazon.com

William About the Author

William Wright, Jr. is a student from San Diego, California who wields a great passion for language and poetry. He was sixteen years old when he first fell in love with the art form and ever since, he has not deferred from its path. Writing has helped him when he was uncertain of his role in life. The craft brought him comfort when his fears were so immense and they seemed impossible to overcome. To this…

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Pay Attention by Veronica Thornton

Creative Talents Unleashed

The ultimate wordplay projected in

the way laws are written today and back in the day

thousands of laws to read globally

even in your own municipality

do you understand what all the grey means

all the lines that are in between

For example the word Majority

defined by Merriam-Webster’s dictionary

clearly states the quality or state of being greater

same dictionary states that Minority means lesser than

a part of the population

whose characteristics are different than others

and may be subjected to differential treatment

which is exactly what is present

what is seen as the majority mentally means superiority

the minority is in a position of inferiority

now logically this makes no sense to me

because in reality all the so called minorities came from

the same ancestry and positioned strategically globally

but we are labeled strategically for inferiority

so that there are no signs of royalty


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