25 lit mags to submit nontraditional & found poetry

From Trish Hopkinson…

Trish Hopkinson

Most editors are happy to answer questions regarding submissions. If a lit mag seems like a good fit for your work and it happens to be a collaboration, found poem, or other more nontraditional form, contact them via email or on other social media to ask if they are open to such forms. If you receive a response and can share it with me here, I’ll note it for others in the future.

Most of the listings below have accepted found work or other unusual formats of poetry and/or claim that they will. They are listed alphabetically; some are currently accepting submissions, some are temporarily closed. I’ve also included a link to their Duotrope page, which will allow you to track deadlines if you currently subscribe to Duotrope.

Apeiron Review

Submissions: Open September 1st and close on October 15th: Publication will occur in January. Open February 1st through March 1st:…

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Carpe Noctem Interview: Trish Hopkinson with Nicole Rollender re: my new chapbook “Footnote”

From Trish Hopkinson…

Trish Hopkinson

Carpe Noctem is the blog and amazing interview series of friend and fellow poet Nicole Rollender where she graciously interviewed me about my new chapbook Footnote, recently published by Lithic Press. Her interviews dig deep into the manuscript and publishing process, asking poets about the details of their creation/revision processes, the poetry they love, and poetry life in a way that makes it easy to share personal experiences. It was such a pleasure to respond to her questions! Click below to read the complete interview.


Here are a couple of the questions/responses from the interview:

Let’s start with the book’s title and your cover image. How did you choose each? And, if I asked you to describe or sum up your chapbook, what three words immediately come to mind?
Originally the chapbook was entitled after the last poem in…

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Existential Exodus – An Excerpt

This poem is from my debut collection 'The Salamander Chronicles' published by Creative Talents Unleashed last December and recently also appeared in the 'Headlines and Tragedies' Anthology edited by Shannon Lynette from Lady Chaos Press Existential Exodus Power hungry political hell-hounds plot and conspire – Syrian armageddon hastened by Russian bombardment fragile Middle-Eastern escarpment shocking … Continue reading Existential Exodus – An Excerpt

Existential Consequential

Published in INDIANA VOICE JOURNAL     Photo Credit © Pixabay   Existential Consequential Part One Baptised child of colour by a system saturated with colonial masked fodder, my existence manipulated although lovingly orchestrated to avoid a mother heinously hated my future mapped out by adult decree – to avoid an emotionally cancerous feuding family compartmentalising … Continue reading Existential Consequential

Fluweeltjie – Author Don Beukes

My fantasy excerpt from another awesome CTU Anthology!

Creative Talents Unleashed

Beneath Table Mountain beyond where two oceans meet

lies a hidden place only those who unlock the secret entrance can ever hope to see, a place filled with devious enchanted reverie by a horde of fantastic creatures some with eye-popping weird features but be not afraid and patiently wait for your elected sign to attempt to

enter their congregational shrine – For this is the ancient land of Fluweeltjie where only a selected few is granted the opportunity to uncover its secrets divine –

You might just be aware of a delicate creature with a peculiar stare as you wander on an unfamiliar path hoping to find your way back to the start, it might even seem to know your name but be vigilant as it lures you to its secret lair with hissings of magical grandeur for it is the rare korrelkop, a devious little konyn chosen to trick…

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