Stretching Back by Cory Costantino

Raja's Insight

Stretching across a mountain of moments,

a compacted heap of wrappers and notes

once held or recorded the vast signals of a life

drilling through time I see what I have felt:

repeating patterns, spent layers of feeling compressed

finally squeezing out the air in between

where I try to insert subconsciously,

one more gasp, always one more gasp

of air that is not there, and make it seem it is the present,

a moment renewed, on news not new, and I wake up

to see layers of feeling already had and repeated

that I wouldn’t feel again if I could stop and look

at the mountain of moments, I’ve already been

settling like bands in the soil marking

how often the ground shifted under my feet

but I stare so hard all I see is that moment

entombed in a layer,

and all I think is what is written…

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