Author Debra McLain – Forever Yours

Creative Talents Unleashed

our lips met in
sweet anticipation
all of our secrets
were exposed

a solitary kiss
tingling sensations
truth was tasted
my heart said, “I know”

your mind caressed
my broken soul
gentle hands
ran through my hair

you whispered
that you love me
I will be yours
forever, if you dare

© Debra McLain

Debra Front Cover

Excerpt from the book “Silhouettes Of My Soul”

Debra McLain

About the Author

Debra McLain resides in California. She is mother to two daughters and three granddaughters. She works in agriculture, although her passion is in writing. Her dream is to publish a best seller regarding her twenty-eight year battle with an eating disorder and the spiritual awakening that followed.

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Two Poems by Bevan Boggenpoel

Bevan Boggenpoel doing what he does best…weaving words for the global village…

Chestlyn Draghoender

So my good writer friend,BevanBoggenpoel, donatedtwo of his poems to our anti bullying campaign: EOB – End Of Bullying on Facebook. I love these poems and I think I will be using them more than once for future endevours. Please show your appreciation in the comments section below.

StopIt! (Bullying)
I am just an innocent

Vulnerable little child

But everyday my life’s in danger

As if I’m living in the wild.

Why have you brought me

Into your sick little world?

I have to take punches daily

As jabs at me are hurled.

I am your offspring

Your flesh and blood

But I am a nervous wreck

Exposed to your raging flood.

Stop It! Just stop it!

I cannot take it anymore

My life is a mess as

Cuts and bruises is my decor.

Stop It! Stop It!

I am tired of your bullying


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Light, Love, Life

The word weaving of Scott Thomas Outlar


Something Shifting in the Sky
Another poet with a bled and broken heart –
oh, gag me with both of your silver spoons
Another poet with a jealous ego –
hell, I thought art was designed to be more creative by half
Another poet with a grudge to grind –
here, let me kiss first your chip and then your shoulder
I have yet to see it all
(and surely never will)
but I have seen enough
to start singing thrice
on every Sunday
about the trinity
of God, glory
and holy grace
without fear
of any repercussion
because the light and love offered by life
is not a theory of guilt
I would weep for
or ever wear
as a millstone
instead of this
The Visions of Verse event this weekend was an absolute joy. It was good to see Cliff…

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NO FEE Submission call + editor interview — Crips in Space special issue / Deaf Poets Society, DEADLINE: April 4, 2017

Trish Hopkinson

The Deaf Poets Society is a new online literary magazine featuring writers and artists with disabilities. They are currently seeking submissions of poetry, prose, cross-genre work, book reviews, and artwork for publication for their fourth issue with the theme of Crips in Space. They are looking for D/deaf and disabled perspectives and re-imaginings of bodies, science, technology, bioethics, and the future ways of existing.

I wondered how and why this lit mag came to be, so I asked poetry editor Sarah Katz a few questions to find out. See my interview with Katz and a link to their submission guidelines below.

Please also consider contributing to this amazing project so they can continue to pay their contributors.

Click here to donate via Paypal.

HOPKINSON: Tell me a little bit about The Deaf Poets Society.

KATZ: The Deaf Poets Society is an online journal of D/deaf and disabled literature and art. Our focus is on intersectional narratives…

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Five Star Readers’ Favorite Review “The Salamander Chronicles”

My latest 5* review from Readers’ Favourite…

Creative Talents Unleashed


Book Review

The Salamander Chronicles by Don Beukes is a collection of poems that would appeal most to an audience of adults who enjoy poetry; though some mature young adults might also enjoy the collection. The Salamander Chronicles comprises many different poems that all have their own themes. The themes range from oppression, bullying, politics, globalism, sexism, abuse, birth, death, all the way to refugees.

The Salamander Chronicles is clearly written by both a talented and passionate poet. The first thing about The Salamander Chronicles that pulled me in was the beautifully done cover; I felt like the cover gave me a snapshot into the type of environment that the poems would be taking me. An aspect of these poems that made them enjoyable to me is that Don Beukes uses fast paced rhythms; this gives the poems a fast moving feel, which served to draw me in deeper and…

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Author Maggie Mae – Reality

Creative Talents Unleashed

I am but a dream
forced unto reality
there is no serenity
in the day to day
it comes with Nature’s embrace
leaves rustling in a breeze
waves lapping the sand
reality holds no appeal
only the wooded hillside
the edge of a lake
a soft flowing stream
holds me still

© Maggie Mae


Excerpt from the book From The Moon To The Sea

maggie-maeAbout the Author

Maggie Mae Carter was raised in Florida and is now living in Southeast Virginia.  She has always been into art and started writing poetry regularly in 2010.  She has recently added photography to her list of creative outlets.

Trying to find peace in this chaotic world by sharing her words and visions, she hopes you will find a piece that speaks to your soul.  From the Moon to the Sea is her first book and she hopes that you will enjoy reading it…

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