ICARUS RISING – VOLUME 1:New Book Release by Don Beukes

© Cover art by Luke Borrill   I am happy to announce that my second collection of poetry has been published by Alien Buddha Press and made a reality by Red Fox. This unique ekphrastic collection is a result of close collaboration with artists from South Africa, America and the UK. Most of the poems were … Continue reading ICARUS RISING – VOLUME 1:New Book Release by Don Beukes


now what?

debasis mukhopadhyay

My new chapbook of poems, kyrie eleison or all robins taken out of context, is now ready for you to read! The book has recently been released (September 22, 2017) by Finishing Line Press, and is available worldwide for purchase through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Finishing Line Press, and other bookstores.

Below are some links to order a copy:


Barnes & Noble

Finishing Line Press

If you want a signed copy, you can email (debmukhop@yahoo.ca) or pm me on Facebook for details.

Thanks to everyone who has supported this work.

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NO FEE Submission call + interview – Bosch and Bruegel Anthology, DEADLINE: Dec. 1, 2017

From Trish Hopkinson…

Trish Hopkinson

Bosch and Bruegel Anthology invites you to send your poems about any of the paintings, drawings, or other artwork by Hieronymus Bosch or Bruegel the Elder.

I wondered how and why this anthology came to be, so I asked editor David Sullivan and he kindly replied. See my interview with Sullivan and a link to submission guidelines below.

HOPKINSON: What gave you the idea to create this anthology?

SULLIVAN: My mother is an art historian, so we would often go to museums together and discuss the paintings. Later, when I became a poet, I kept track of poems about my mother’s favorite artists. I would send them to her, and we’d talk about why these images resonated with so many writers. The selection of poems grew organically from that process, and now we’re asking other poems to join in creating new work.

HOPKINSON: What type of work are…

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Featured Writer: Raja Williams

Creative Talents Unleashed


I dragged it with me . . .





and every other fragile moment of disappointment

All of my past heartbreaks brought . . .





and all the unhappy endings that go with failed relationship’s

For years I buried all those feelings in. . . .





where I learned to forget the feelings and emotions related to heartbreak

Then suddenly one day you came along . . .







© Raja Williams

Simply Me

About the Author

Ms. Raja Williams, also known as Raja’s Insight, fiercely arrived on the writer’s scene in 2012 after being awakened by a prolific poet, lyricist, songwriter, and music producer whom encouraged her to write daily. After nearly twenty years of pent up words only floating in her own head she began to allow the words to spill out onto…

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Cycle – Author Sarah Lamar King

Creative Talents Unleashed

Raped of my identity

Slowly succumbing to this gravity

Stay down just to feel real, feel something,

That’s all you ever give me…

The silence of each minute

Till your apologies crack me open

The cycle never broken,

What I believe is love…

© Sarah Lamar King


Excerpt from the book Melancholy’s Autograph

$11.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and Amazon.com


About the Author

Sarah began writing poetry in the 3rd grade, her first collection of poetry being called ‘Poems Galore’. There were several times throughout life when she had to stop writing, times when she was silenced by life, was void of feeling, or felt too much to put anything on paper.

She finds solace in the elegiac poetry that she writes today. She began sharing some of her pieces on social media and realized how much feeling her poetry brought about in others, her ultimate…

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Life’s Cares – Author Bevan Boggenpoel

Bevan Boggenpoel…

Creative Talents Unleashed

Like an aerosol can you feel so compressed

freedom wants to jump out of your chest.

Like a fugitive bound in chains

blood pumping throughout your veins.

Circumstances has dented your zest

looking at the future unimpressed.

Like a piece of butter in heat melted down

the silence of solutions an irritating sound.

Like a tyre without air you’ve fallen flat

always worried about this – worried about that.

Life’s cares have punctured your soul

it has taken full control.

© Bevan Boggenpoel

ConfessionsIn Ink
Excerpt from the book Confessions in Ink

$12.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and Amazon.com

Bevan BoggenpoelAbout the Author

Mr. Bevan Boggenpoel was born in Salt Lake, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. He attended Soutpan Primary and matriculated at Westville Secondary School. He completed a Baccalaureate in Education at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. He launched his debut Anthology 1 December 2016. The book was well received…

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Author Interview with Author Kesau’c N. Hill

From Creative Talents Unleashed…

Creative Talents Unleashed

IMG_20170801_132757_069Introducing Author Kesau’c N. Hill

Kesau’c N. Hill is an ex-gang member who, at the age of sixteen, was convicted of murder and sentenced to serve 15-years to Life in the California Department of Corrections. Fighting became a lifestyle that would accompany the gang world deathstyle. However, he would soon be mentored by an English teacher named John Murphy who saw past his tough guy exterior into something explosively creative.

He introduced him to the art of poetry and the power of the spoken word. He’d use that power to his advantage when his life serving Life became too difficult to bear. By defiantly writing poetry all over his prison cell walls “meaning” and “Passion” was discovered, hope and a sound vision was realized. Quite literally, poetry saved his life.

Interview – Book: Serngeti Noise

Creative Talents Unleashed: Hi Kesau’c, thank you for agreeing to this interview.


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