ICARUS RISING – VOLUME 1:New Book Release by Don Beukes

© Cover art by Luke Borrill   I am happy to announce that my second collection of poetry has been published by Alien Buddha Press and made a reality by Red Fox. This unique ekphrastic collection is a result of close collaboration with artists from South Africa, America and the UK. Most of the poems were … Continue reading ICARUS RISING – VOLUME 1:New Book Release by Don Beukes


My debut Poetry book now available in South Africa.

I am pleased to exclusively announce that my debut poetry collection, 'The Salamander Chronicles' published by Creative Talents Unleashed in 2016 is now available until stocks last online from Book link at loot.co.za In further news, my fellow CTU author and friend from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Bevan Boggenpoel also has his CTU book available … Continue reading My debut Poetry book now available in South Africa.

UNDER THE SAME ROOF: Poetry and Performance


Caisa Cultural Centre
Kaikukatu 4

Saman katon alla / Under samma tak / Under the Same Roof / Bajo el mismo techo is a poetry performance and reading organised by Sivuvalo and NolitchX.

Runous on myös tapa puhua ihmisoikeuksista. Poesi är ännu ett sätt att tala om mänskliga rättigheter. Poetry is also a way to talk about human rights. La poesía también habla de los derechos humanos.

It’s International Women’s Day, so let’s celebrate women, gender diversity, human rights and poetry. Welcome to experience poetry performances by Lalo Barrubia (Uruguay/Sweden), Leif Holmstrand (Sweden) and Johanna Venho (Finland). The poems will be read in their original versions in Finnish, Spanish and Swedish. There will be Finnish translations by Anne Ketola and Hannimari Heino of the poems in Spanish and Swedish. 

More about the poets:
Lalo Barrubia
Leif Holmstrand
Johanna Venho

The event is part of the program “Art…

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Impoverished by Billy Charles Root

Creative Talents Unleashed

Poverty oh poverty why doest thou oh bother me

Is it the color of my skin that you seek?

Or the language of my land in which I speak

Maybe the salt from the tears that I weep

Three jobs I work and my mate ran away

It takes all I’ve got to put some food on a plate

Social services says I make too much for help

Meanwhile nothin but beans on a fallen down shelve

I’m beggin for scraps off richly fat tables

They count their money’s in my face

And as they laugh jollifully their bellies unstable

I can’t help but wonder, is my life a waste?

It’s like wearing cement shoes walkin round hungry

Workin to pay tax on help I can’t get

Special needs minimum wage so damn ugly

While I avoid the landlord, I owe two months’ rent

With nothing left they took the…

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Songs of Selah: Kevin Martin and Open Mic Hour


On this week’s episode of Songs of Selah I was joined by Kevin Martin to discuss his new book from Alien Buddha Press.   

Thank you also to Heath Brougher, Mela Blust, Veronica Javregii, and Mari Deweese for joining the program during the second hour to read selections of their poetry.

The show originally aired on February 18, 2019. An archive is now available and can be listened to here on 17Numa Radio:


The Wolfman Kevin Martin is a photographer and poet from North Carolina now residing in Pittsburgh, PA. Contributing images and poetry to: The Arrival Magazine, The Rye Whiskey Review, The Dope Fiend Daily, Under The Bleachers, Cajun Mutt Press, Alien Buddha Press, The Pangolin Review and Rust Belt Press. The Wolf’s first poetry collection My Head Fits Through Your Noose, Let Me Swing Awhile is published through Alien Buddha Press and was released in January 2019.


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Featured Writer: Edilson Afonso Ferreira

Creative Talents Unleashed

Lost in Time

No more guys and girls happily driving

open-air convertible cars on weekends

free of seat belts tethering their bodies,

sweet winds swaying, fighting and playing

with their loose hairs.

No more

children walking on the streets to school,

carrying their notebooks in their arms,

not in backpacks and not on buses.

No more

bicycling around only for pleasure,

without protective helmets and gloves.

No more

family sitting on the front porch after dinner,

sharing the latest neighborhood news.

No more

walking in the fields under the moonlight.

No more

fresh milk bottles delivered to the house, but

milk boxes at immense supermarkets, with

sleepless cameras furtively watching over us.

No more

letters, no business letters, no love letters,

only e-mails to be lost in cyber space.

No more

people greeting each other, even without

knowing themselves.

No more

parents, boys and girls together going out at night,

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Broken by Ameena K.G

Creative Talents Unleashed

The words he said left an echo which has only now, begun

to fade. “I didn’t break you, you were already broken.” It felt

like a hundred pins were stuck into me all at once, with my

body’s gating mechanism shut down so that I could feel the

pain in every cell of every part of my body. He broke my

heart, but it was my whole body which fell apart.

“Broken”- he called me. I was damaged, damaged goods

with no value. I spent a long time trying to make sense of

that word. A little longer, I spent on anyone who could fix-

broken. God, I hated that word.

I wish I could say- that I realized the words he spoke that

night were false, lies and nothing more but I can’t. I’m only

just now learning, maybe he was right; maybe I am broken;

but I am…

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de Coninck en Buddingh’


Prijs en gedicht


Sinds 1988 bekroont Poetry International jaarlijks het beste Nederlandstalige poëziedebuut met de C. Buddingh’-Prijs. Met de prijs beoogt Poetry International meer aandacht te genereren voor talentvolle nieuwe stemmen in de Nederlandstalige poëzie. Voor menig dichter van naam was de C. Buddingh’-prijs de eerste belangrijke trofee die in de wacht werd gesleept. Namen die me te binnen schieten zijn Anna Enquist, Marieke Lucas Rijneveld, Vicky Francken en Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer. De prijs is genoemd naar Cees Buddingh’.

In de cyclus ‘Ars poetica’ schrijft Herman de Coninck een gedicht ‘Aan Buddingh’ en in eerste instantie dacht ik dat het een soort van eerbetoon was aan de poëzie van Buddingh’. Totdat ik op de website dbnl.org een artikel las uit een ‘Tirade’ uit 1977 waarin de zaken toch enigszins anders blijken te liggen. De poëzie van Herman de Coninck werd in 1970 opgenomen in de bundel ‘Nieuw-realistische poëzie in…

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