ICARUS RISING – VOLUME 1:New Book Release by Don Beukes

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Le spirito del foreste–The Spirit of the Forest

Yelling Rosan Blogi

Le spirito del foreste

Le spirito del foreste parla ad me re amor,
que tu sape tan multo. Non habe timor,
hic es non altere quam me e animales.
Io ha suspirate a te mal.
Dice me, es illo ver,
que omne tempore,
quando un arbore
cade a basso
un de tu
dole me
de illo e preca
que le homines
non reduce omne
truncos ab le tu silva.
© Yelling Rosa
7/3 –20


The Spirit of the Forest

The spirit of the forest, please tell me about love
That you know so well. Don’t be afraid,
It is only me with the animals.
I have been longing for you.
Disclose me, is that true,
That every time
When a tree
falls down
One of you
I am
Sorry about that.
I pray humans
Won’t cut down
All the trunks
From your
© Yelling…

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Author Feature: ABIGAIL GEORGE

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