ICARUS RISING – VOLUME 1:New Book Release by Don Beukes

© Cover art by Luke Borrill   I am happy to announce that my second collection of poetry has been published by Alien Buddha Press and made a reality by Red Fox. This unique ekphrastic collection is a result of close collaboration with artists from South Africa, America and the UK. Most of the poems were … Continue reading ICARUS RISING – VOLUME 1:New Book Release by Don Beukes


Athenaeum of the Forsaken – Author Ken Allan Dronsfield

Creative Talents Unleashed

I am simply too sad to be awake,

drowning in tears of blood and fate.

It’s hard to take even one more breath,

much too ambivalent to wallow in death.

Deviant smiles devoid of simple clownery

carnivals of joyous splendor are upon me.

Colored clothes burn greedily in the fire pit.

black hooded smocks calm my Gothic spirit.

Pastures await those of incessant grazing,

perhaps I’m not lonely just a bit of the crazy

spellbound by the dark egotistical minds,

waking is precious when in pandiculation.

Cadence of the heart rarely skips a beat,

our world slows to many of ethereal piety.

Chameleonic jealousy can finally take a seat

awaken my friend, is this not but a dream?

©  Ken Allan Dronsfield

Excerpt form the book “I Have A Name”

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I Have a Name

Preface  . . .  


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Interviews : English / Art – the world of colours and beauty

Vatsala Radhakeesoon…

Poetry and Creativity

Interview of Artist David Wayne Dunn

Vatsala Radhakeesoon  : David Wayne Dunn, welcome to Poetry and Creativity blog! Please tell us about your background, earlier life and actual life?

David Wayne Dunn: I was born in the central valley of California – a rich and fertile land back then. I moved to Big Sur in 1997, lived there for ten years having met an artist who thoroughly inspired & encouraged me.

V. R: What/who has been the initial propelling force for making you become an artist?

DWD: Life itself. Nature, music, beauty, even in the unlovely forms and a mentor, friend and supreme artist called Carolyn Mary Kleefeld.

V.R : What are your sources of inspiration?

D.W.D : Feelings, music, nature and beauty.

V.R : How does the creative process work for you, from the inspiration stage to the final piece of work?

D.W.D: It is a mysterious complex process…

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NO FEE Submission call + interview – Matador Review, DEADLINE: Feb. 28, 2018

From Trish Hopkinson…

Trish Hopkinson

Matador Review is a fabulously designed online literature and art quarterly based in Chicago, Illinois. They publish poetry, fiction, flash fiction, creative non-fiction, and visual art and are currently open for submissions of all unpublished literature written in the English language (and translations that are accompanied by the original text) as well as many forms of visual art.

I wondered how and why this lit mag came to be, so I asked editor JT Lachausse and he kindly replied. See my interview with Lachausse and submission guidelines below.

HOPKINSON: Tell me a little bit about The Matador Review.

LACHAUSSE: The Matador Review is an alternative art and literature quarterly. We are based in Chicago, and our most recent issue was published on October 1, 2017.

HOPKINSON: What gave you the idea to start an online lit mag?

LACHAUSSE: We’ve been involved in literature communities for a while, and after a few years, we began…

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Letter to Paul – Author Philip Elliott

Philip Elliott…

Creative Talents Unleashed

Dear Paul,

I’m writing letters to everyone who, for one reason or another, for good or bad, has a hook lodged in my heart. As my life goes on, the threads to these hooks just keep on growing, always connected no matter what I do. I’m surprised you’re included in that bunch. Actually, no, I’m not surprised by that at all. You—

No, I can’t do it. Not you.


This brilliant debut consists of a prose collection of fictional letters from a deceased 26-year-old Southern American named Jeremiah John Watts (JJ). The people JJ mentions in these letters have a parallel to the alienated and confused dreamers, addicts and lost souls found in the work of the likes of Denis Johnson and William Burroughs, but JJ’s larger-than-life sentimentality as his past leaks out of his heart and onto the page puts this collection in some new sphere of perception…

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Anguish Soul ~ Author Christena AV Williams

Creative Talents Unleashed

Should our lips dine?

Paying the full bill

Indebted I will.

Should I fall so ailing?

That my soul burn in hell

Uncontrollable beyond blasphemy

Never have I anguish over a butterfly

As I do over you

It is sinful.

Branded for life

Unable to return to past lovers

The crack of ribcage

Churning of tripe

Nauseating of Insomnia

Should our lips dock?

It shall be my demise

Surely; only to satisfy my truth

As I am already fathom,

Adoring the nudity of your soul.

©Christena AV Williams

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 Cupid's Arrow

This exquisite Anthology, a collection of sublime poems and prose, tells of the essence of love, as music to the ears and the stirring to our hearts.  From “Love at First Sight,” to “Love Never Dies,” every facet of love is gloriously depicted in the many…

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Have You Ever Wondered? – Author Sue Lobo

Sue Lobo…

Creative Talents Unleashed


Have You Ever Wondered?

Have you ever wondered where all the used time goes?

Is it carried in sky´s arms to where the sweet wind blows?

Have you ever wondered where all your children went?

Did they walk into adulthood, as how this life is meant?

Have you ever wondered where this day disappears?

And where does the sun go when the moon reappears?

Have you ever wondered to where the dry tears shift?

Are they carried upon wings of birds & to the skies adrift?

Have you ever wondered why to this earth you´re born?

Where do all the kind words go when spoken in sad scorn?

Have you ever wondered where you go when you finally die?

Is it down below in hell or may it´s to heaven in the sky.

© Sue Lobo

Sue Front Cover

Excerpt from the book “The Last Dance”

$15.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU…

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Jesse Lynn Rucilez Author Page

Jesse Lynn Rucilez…

Jesse Lynn Rucilez


Hello. My name is Jesse Lynn Rucilez, and I’m a writer from Reno, Nevada. When I’m not working, my life revolves around literature, film, and music. Hopefully, one day my passions will be the core of my existence, rather than mere recreation.

People often ask me what I write. Unfortunately, my fiction doesn’t fit into any specific genre. Thus far, I’ve written about everything from giant evil teddy bears, suicidal junkies, porn stars, and witchcraft, to living alien technology; all with a character driven, literary bent. From here on I plan to write futuristic thrillers, dystopian satire, space opera, fantasy, and superhero novels. I like to blend genres, so everything will have a touch of humor, romance, and action.

Whatever it takes to tell the best story I can.

Be warned, however, that my writing is ferocious. I won’t ever massage your brain. My intent is always to grab you…

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