ICARUS RISING – VOLUME 1:New Book Release by Don Beukes

© Cover art by Luke Borrill   I am happy to announce that my second collection of poetry has been published by Alien Buddha Press and made a reality by Red Fox. This unique ekphrastic collection is a result of close collaboration with artists from South Africa, America and the UK. Most of the poems were … Continue reading ICARUS RISING – VOLUME 1:New Book Release by Don Beukes


Heart’s Fire by Markus Fleischmann

Creative Talents Unleashed

Eternity found

In a kiss

On your lips

Forever lies

In your eyes

Seductively disguised

Today is written

On your skin

Tomorrow hidden

Deep within

Time is measured

By the beat of your heart

Your love is infinity

No end, nor start

Your passion

Like ocean waves crashing

Beautiful and serene

Like a seductive dream

Hope is found

All around

In your pastured soul

With wildflower spirit

In my thoughts

Your dream is vivid

Future stands

Hand in hand

My love does linger

Like the ring

On your finger

© Markus Fleischmann

A Stained Glass Heart

Excerpt from the book A Stained Glass Heart

$11.95 Plus Shipping – Available at CTU Publishing Group and Amazon.com

markus About the Author

Markus Fleischmann is a free thinker and writer who lives in Texas. For me, writing down my thoughts and experiences is an outlet, a release of emotions that I feel, and experiences and emotions of others…

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Unsaid Things by Don Beukes

Thank you to my publisher Raja Williams for being such a great person and publisher… Please support CTU by purchasing my book and others from Creative Talents Unleashed…

Creative Talents Unleashed

I never got the chance to tell you my future

plans as you slipped into the shoes of your

eternal dance,

Only fading memories remain in this earthly

domain you left me in,

Just another farewell in the departure

lounge hell as they announce my

flight with a final echoing knell,

A final forced wave as I disappear

behind that dreaded security

wall enclave,

Too young to realize your final goodbye

as you left mother to silently cry,

Hoping for one more trip to Liberty Bay

to witness dreams float away,

I never got the chance to wish you well

as you left for foreign shores

opening dormant doors,

My memories now only charred scatterings

as I wither away,

Eternally mourning murmurings of

unsaid things.

© Don Beukes


Excerpt from the book “The Salamander Chronicles”

$12.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and Amazon.com

don-beukes About the Author


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Icarus Rising #MeetTheArtists

Introducing internationally acclaimed South African artist Jonel Scholtz who collaborated with me for my second book 'Icarus Rising- Volume 1' Jonel Scholtz obtained a Baccalaureus Scientiae degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry from the University of Johannesburg in South Africa, in 1994. She started painting in 1988, while in high school, with Louise Goudemond, an American … Continue reading Icarus Rising #MeetTheArtists

IT by Bevan Boggenpoel

Creative Talents Unleashed


Our lives are dictated by IT

directed by IT

indulged by IT

I.T, I.T, I.T.

Relationships are intercepted by IT

miscommunicated by IT

not tolerated by IT

I.T, I.T, I.T.

Our being is controlled by IT

overpowered by IT

enslaved by IT

I.T, I.T, I.T.

We are rejected by IT

neglected by IT

injected with IT

I.T, I.T, I.T.

© Bevan Boggenpoel

ConfessionsIn Ink
Excerpt from the book Confessions in Ink

$12.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and Amazon.com

Bevan Boggenpoel About the Author

Mr. Bevan Boggenpoel was born in Salt Lake, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. He attended Soutpan Primary and matriculated at Westville Secondary School. He completed a Baccalaureate in Education at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. He launched his debut Anthology 1 December 2016. The book was well received by the public and he sold 230 copies locally. He is also an author at a South African website known…

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Anthology Release: Fire and Ice – An Anthology of Collaborations

Creative Talents Unleashed

Fire and Ice

Foreword . . .

Many moons ago I realized the power of words and how they can accurately describe the nuances of emotion. They can take a person to the highest highs, and just as easily, that person can plummet into nothingness…. just by words. It is fascinating how perception and illusion rule our lives. What others fail to see is that for some, once the words are out there… the bleeding stops a little bit more… Those words are just part of us…And that is the beauty of it.

Fire and Ice is a collection of connections based on perceptions. It is person after person, reading, relating, and then reaching out to others through words. Connection…  is really what it is all about that.

I am honored to invite you inside the minds of people just like you. All their hopes, dreams, and disasters are here within the pages…

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Tell Me by Sarah Lamar King

Creative Talents Unleashed

Tell me how there is hope…

Show me how it stops the bullet from my love’s chest,

The bomb from devouring my children,

Can it dissolve the guilt of being left here to breathe?

Hope is for the living.

© Sarah Lamar King


Excerpt from the book Melancholy’s Autograph

$11.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and Amazon.com

2013-12-20-12-43-50-2 About the Author

Sarah began writing poetry in the 3rd grade, her first collection of poetry being called ‘Poems Galore’. There were several times throughout life when she had to stop writing, times when she was silenced by life, was void of feeling, or felt too much to put anything on paper.

She finds solace in the elegiac poetry that she writes today. She began sharing some of her pieces on social media and realized how much feeling her poetry brought about in others, her ultimate goal. Sarah has always…

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Immersed… by Mark Andrew Heathcote

Creative Talents Unleashed

The night is a nicotine patch.

A burnish of black leather…

A bleeding scratch

…On a naked nether.

It is altogether a womb,

Some giants, eyelid blinking

A mammoth’s, bog, tomb…

Glinting of times, eroding.

Sleep navigates its marshes

Through – nightmare—forest.

Crawling into reeds, sedges

Standing, fearfully deforest.

Legs trembling—in coyness

Light is again touched

And rousingly it is loved

Immersed in a new, mistress.

©Mark Andrew Heathcote

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Who are you? Are you a brave knight? A warrior brandishing your sword, ready for battle. Are you a dreamer? Away with the fairies, losing count of fireflies whilst searching for Neverland. A goth? Who feels right at home with the monsters hiding under the bed, who loves to dance a dervish with the devil on the stroke of midnight. Or perhaps you are a dragon-slayer?…

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