Letter to Anabelle 4 by Philip Elliott

The phenomenal debut by the Editor in chief of award winning Literary journal ‘ Into the Void’ from Canada.

Raja's Insight

Dear Anabelle,

I think I’m starting to go a little loopy out here. I coulda sworn I heard my name on the breeze last night. I think it was the leaves on the trees. That’s not as crazy as it sounds—they would know my name by now, I been saying it out loud all the time, like when I’m collecting firewood or fishing. Like, “JJ, there’s some wood over there.” Or, “JJ, smells like its goin rain, better make a shelter.” I wanna say it was your voice but that wouldn’t be true. Shit. Maybe it would. I can’t remember what your voice is supposed to sound like. Used to pour something cold down my spine, that voice, send the hairs on my arm reaching for the skies as if they were all dancing together.

Why’d you have to go and leave me like that, Anabelle? I ain’t ever goin…

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